Volv Concierge Issue #34

✨We got a makeover of a lifetime

Hey everyone! In case you missed it, I’m Shannon, co-founder of Volv. I've got some exciting news—we're giving our weekly Volv Concierge newsletter a fresh makeover. Instead of just sharing trending headlines on Volv, we decided to get a bit more personal. 

Here's the plan: Every other week, I'll be curating a selection of articles that I find fun and relevant, straight from my perspective. Plus, I'll throw in a few things I've been vibing with lately. And dw, next week Priyanka's taking the reins, so you'll get a dose of insights from her as well!

📰 Articles I found interesting:

  • Making waves in the media space - Telegraph UK is up for sale after a takeover by an Abu Dhabi consortium fell through - and not because it isn’t a good investment, but because the UK has put the kibosh on foreign governments owning UK newspapers. Imo, it’s a smart move to keep newspapers out of the hands of foreign states. 

  • Let's talk about this $7000 Herman Miller Eames lounge chair. It's been the holy grail of status symbols for years, but now it's blowing up online. Here's my take: Don't fall into the trend trap. It's probably on track to become the next Tom Ford coffee table book or Hermes blanket that everyone now wants to ditch.

  • Quavo’s Connecticut concert is going viral. Yeah, it's trending online because the venue was practically empty. Rumor has it that Chris Brown allegedly bought up tickets to make a statement in his ongoing feud with Quavo... Reminds me of that time 50 Cent pulled a similar stunt with Ja Rule back when they were beefing.

  • Check this out: This LA chess club is giving nerd culture a Gen Z makeover. First off, their branding is on point – vintage vibes, which Gen Z is obsessed with. Secondly, this just comes as we find out that an average 18-year-old in the US is set to spend 93% of their free time on screens - so anything to get this generation to spend more time in ‘third places.’ 

 Vibes for the week:

  • My blue light glasses are a godsend. My screen time has been crazy high the past month, and these glasses help prevent my eyes from straining. I have a pair similar to these.

  • Song on repeat: Worth it by RAYE - quite possibly the next Amy Winehouse

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