Volv Concierge Issue #35

šŸ’° Met Gala making millions and Buffett's unspent billions

Hey everyone!

I'm Priyanka, co-founder of Volv, here to unpack a different side of the Met compared to the viral looks hijacking your FYP, along with things that should be on your radar.

šŸ“° Everything you need to know:

  • What started as a $50 fundraiser dinner for the Costume Institute in 1948 has also become a major $$$ stream for Conde Nast, all thanks to Anna Wintour. She figured very early on that celebs were the way to go for the fashion industry, switching from models on Vogue covers to celebs asking for invites to the Met even today (Amy Odell's biography is amazing, btw). This year, the Met is expected to make $33 MILLION and a LOT for Vogue, too.

  • Speaking of fashion ā€” I loved the "mystery woman," Zendaya X2, and Cardi B definitely delivered the drama that I actually expected from everyone (why wear straight basic dresses the one night that's made for extra). The real winner of the Met? John Galliano (... and Kim's waist)

  • The 'Fashion Oscars' did not happen in a political vacuum. The internet is calling it the 'Met Gala Massacre,' saying Israel made use of all the attention on fashion's biggest night to take control of the Rafah border crossing. Globally, the Met garnered 5.1 million tweets, and the bombings on Rafah 3.6 million. Over 1 million Palestinians have sought refuge in Rafah, fleeing from other parts of Gaza. This takeover is expected to affect the flow of humanitarian aid and people in the Gaza Strip.

šŸ’ø Apart from celebs and politics

The finance world is sounding the alarm. An economist who called the 2008 recession is warning of a massive downturn in jobs, and even Warren Buffett is sitting on $189 Billion in cash, not knowing where to invest in today's market.

So much has happened, and it's only Tuesday.

āœØ What Iā€™m liking:

Apparently, coffee has become a joke now. I highly suggest making a switch to mushroom coffee; Dirtea has been great to me.

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