Weekly Update 18

πŸ₯€ TikTok's $1B viral water, drugs to treat drug addiction, and more!

Hey everyone! Here are our top stories this week:

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This week, we're digging into the current bear market and how that's changing hiring in a struggling labor market.

What's happening right now:

🀝 Well-established tech companies are rescinding job offers (a practice last seen during the financial crisis) in a surprising cost-cutting strategy after 2 years of record hiring. 

πŸ’Ό Visionary founding CEOs are stepping down themselves. The RealReal, a resale marketplace, and Glossier are turning to business-minded industry veterans to steer their businesses through this rocky time.

⚑Crypto giants like Coinbase, BlockFi, and Crypto.com are slashing jobs left and right. Meanwhile, Binance has the resources to actually expand recruitment.

Why the not-so-hot economy might be good news:

βž• Economists argue that slow job creation and less wage growth are better for a cooling economy amid record inflation and a tight labor market.

πŸ‘Œ The bear market presents the perfect time for employers to reconsider recruitment strategies by focusing on effective hiring and increasing employee retention.

βœ‚οΈ Job cuts are helping companies that grew exponentially, 'rightsize' for more profit and growth. Coinbase is laying off 1,100 workers claiming they had grown "too quickly."

βš–οΈ There is a rise in 'second chance hiring,' which involves hiring people with criminal records.

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