Weekly Update 19

🍆 Sex is going out of fashion, is TikTok the new Google, and more!

Sex is going out of fashion as y'all apparently have a new way of getting your freak on. Here's more on that, and our top stories this week:

Weekly Trend Report: #CannabisTourism is the latest travel trend

🛫 'Canna-cations' aren't just for stoners anymore – travel bookings in places where cannabis is legal are on the rise.

🌿 People are looking for more than just a chance to smoke pot, as locations offer 'bud and breakfast' hotels, cannabis festivals, wine and marijuana pairings, 'ganja yoga,' and other experiences.

📝 HiBnb is the Airbnb of cannabis experiences listing safe, 420-friendly experiences in NY, LA, Toronto, and other places where weed is legal.

Cannabis tourism is already a $17B industry

🚬 Legalization is reducing stigma, with 1-in-5 American leisure travelers now open to pot-related experiences.

🧘 It could generate new avenues in tourism and wellness (with CBD treatments) and create job opportunities (with professions like 'budtending').

Why are 'canna-cations' on the rise?

🏘️ Consumption surged as people turned to marijuana to cope with broken routines amid the pandemic.

🙌 Fewer people today view the drug as harmful – 50% of Millennials say cannabis access is a priority when traveling; Gen Z also prefers cannabis to alcohol.

The race to become the 'next Amsterdam'

🌱 Thailand is the first Asian country to legalize weed with plans to become a 'Weed Wonderland,' but recreational use is still banned.

ğŸŒŽ Switzerland is trialing recreational cannabis; it is also legal in Canada, Mexico, and Uruguay.

⚠️ About 58% of international tourists travel to Amsterdam to consume drugs. While this helps tourism, countries should remember that the 'Dutch model' also creates concerns about hard drug use and criminality.

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