Weekly Update 20

📢 People are flying the US flag upside down, Gen Z is making cash cool again, and more!

Happy Friday everyone! Here are our top stories of the week for you to discuss this long weekend:

#MetaverseInHealthcare will transform the sector

💊 Most abortions will become virtual in post-Roe America, which could alleviate the need to travel. People can be prescribed pills via telehealth appointments.

🥽 We could soon trade a therapist's couch for VR headsets, which could lead to more in-depth, 24x7 care in mental health.

☁️ Cloud gaming technology is already helping medical experts from different locations collaborate on complex cases.

ğŸŽ® Video games have improved the ability to recreate human skin for decades, and dermatologists are now using this tech to train future doctors.

👨‍💻 The trend could set up software-as-a-medical-device, optimizing pacemakers and automated insulin pumps.

Say hello to your digital twin

👯 Virtual 'twins' of patients based on medical data like MRIs, CTs, or ultrasound scans can allow doctors to understand the best possible treatments.

⚕️ Medical AR can enable doctors to see their MRI or CT data 'inside' the patient and precisely correct spines or remove tumors.

💉 This tech can also help design virtual organs, optimize drug dosages, and more.

Metaverse healthcare could be worth $71B by 2030

💸 The global metaverse-in-healthcare market, valued at $5.06B in 2021, could grow 34.8% annually for the next decade.

➕ However, patient data privacy, the high cost of technology, and other problems could hinder growth.

The challenges

🔍 Further research is needed to verify the efficacy of metaverse healthcare.

🚑 Patient data must be securely managed to prevent breaches and respect user privacy.

⚡ Authorities must ensure the benefits aren't limited to only those who can afford to purchase VR tools.

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