Weekly Update 27

🍸 Your martini glass is a solution to the food crisis, jewelry made from jizz, and more

September 9, 2022

We're back with this week's round up and here's what's trending. When in drought, pour your plants a martini... at least that's what a new study suggests.


🔗 The digitization of traditional finance, powered by blockchain, is creating an appetite for new assets and driving fractionalization ownership.

🍰 Everything from artwork to classic cars, broken into bite-sized pieces, is becoming accessible to investors at much lower prices.

The future of investing includes Birkins and JLo's Versace dress

👜 Platforms like Luxus are allowing everyone to invest fractionally in Birkins and Rolexes, traditionally considered for the rich.

👗 It also plans to offer JLo's iconic green Versace dress with 10-15% returns.

🍟 People can own fractional shares of McDonald's, Amazon, or Starbucks when they shop at these retailers with TAB Bank's new debit card.

Fractional ownership and 'unreal estate'

🍕 Fractional real estate startups allow you to own a percentage of a property and get into housing without providing a house.

🏠 Jeff Bezos-backed Arrived lets people buy shares in single-family rentals for $100; Fintor, Fractional, & Pacaso make real estate accessible through co-ownership.

🏖️ Here, a startup, wants to let people buy ownership shares in vacation rentals for as little as $1.

Fractional ownership is catching on — across the wealth gap

🚪 Fractional ownership can be an entry point to the stock market for the economically marginalized as many seek investments that pay off during a recession.

🤑 The ultra-rich, on the other hand, are getting income tax reductions by fractionally donating art they own to museums over a long period.

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