Weekly Update 28

👑 Brands grapple with the Queen's death, billionaire donates $3B to Earth, and more

September 16, 2022

TGIF, everyone!

Britain is already phasing out the Queen's face from currency and postal stamps, but 800+ brands are also having to redesign their products after her death. Here's more on that, and our other top stories:

Digital Twins

👯 Digital twins are virtual representations of people, objects, or systems, created from real-time data.

⚡ They're a major aspect of the metaverse and use simulation, AI, and reasoning for better decision-making.

For real people and celebrities, too

⚕️ Digital twins created with your medical history could help with surgeries, design virtual organs to understand diseases, and optimize drug dosages.

🥽 Hour One is a startup that uses AI to generate your virtual twin for professional/educational use cases; it could be present on your behalf and speak any language.

ğŸŽ¬ Another startup, Soul Machines, is creating VR twins of celebrities that could change the ad industry and how they interact with fans.

VR twinning all over the place

🏠 'Reflection Manor' in Miami, on sale for $7.77M, comes with an NFT replica in the yet-to-launch Alpha City metaverse.

🍅 Meanwhile, Kraft Heinz has created a 'digital twin' of its manufacturing facilities to resolve supply chain issues and never run out of ketchup packets amid spiking demand globally.

🚀 Scientists can use digital twins to create what-if scenarios to better prepare for space missions, saving the industry millions of dollars.

Demand for digital twins will jump by 36% by 2027

📈 80% of surveyed organizations already have ongoing metaverse projects to improve operations, and the rest plan to start soon.

ğŸŒŽ Sustainability is the key driver as testing via digital twin projects makes companies more climate-conscious.

👭 Concerns over misuse and a lack of vision or technical know-how could hinder the adoption of digital twins.

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