Weekly Update 30

👀 Strange moans haunt flight intercoms, podcasters 'buy' millions of listeners, and more

September 30, 2022

TGIF, everyone!

Airline passengers have reported hearing moans and ghostly breathing on flight intercoms. Viral videos of these noises have inspired a wave of online sleuthing as people debate the source of these sounds. Here's more on that and our other top stories this week:

The rise of the internet's creator 'middle class'

ğŸŒŽ North America's actual middle class might be shrinking, but a new creator middle class is emerging thanks to the internet.

💸 Top internet creators tend to be hugely successful, but others in the content ecosystem merely get by – a few years ago, less than 2% of artists got 90% of Spotify royalties; only 2% of Patreon creators made minimum wage. 

💼 As newer platforms make means of ownership accessible to everyone, the creator middle class is functioning more like small businesses rather than celebs.

Creators no longer need to go viral all the time

💰 A direct payment model is helping them thrive. Instead of indirect ways (YouTube giving creators a cut of ad revenue), direct payment models like subscriptions/donations are helping the creator middle class thrive. 

📶 A lower barrier to entry and a higher likelihood of success boosts the income of the internet's creator middle class.

Gen Z is redefining the boundaries of content creation

📢 The creator middle class is making the most of the ecosystem changing from a one-way broadcast to a more interactive space. 

🤝 About 47% of Gen Zers say they've joined subreddits or Discord servers to interact with their favorite content creators. 

🖼️ Web3 and NFTs have also helped, letting up-and-coming creators open up unique experiences for their loyal fans.

'True fans' are powering the internet's new creator middle class

🤑 Creators can earn a living salary if they get about 1,000 "true fans" willing to spend $100 each year for their content, enabling them to make at least $100K annually. 

🌐 While it was once tricky to cultivate such communities due to internet algorithms, platforms like Discord and Patreon have been bringing creators closer to fans.

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